The distance between your sign and its viewers is the number one factor in determining the type of LED display you will need. Longer distances require less resolution and shorter distances require higher resolutions. The rule of thumb is that you need one inch of character height for every 30 feet of viewing distance.

Shaded area represents exposure time
Character Size Max. Viewing Distance Maximum Viewing Time (Seconds)
Inches feet 5 mph 15 mph 25 mph 35 mph 45 mph 55 mph 65 mph 75 mph
2 100 13.7 4.6 2.7 1.9 1.5 1.2 1.1 0.9
6 300 41.1 13.7 8.2 5.8 4.6 3.7 3.2 2.7
9 450 61.6 20.5 12.3 8.8 6.8 5.6 4.7 4.1
13 650 89 29.7 17.8 12.7 9.9 8.1 6.8 5.9
18 900 123.3 41.1 24.6 17.5 13.7 11.2 9.5 8.2
24 1200 164.4 54.8 32.8 23.4 17.2 14.9 12.6 10.9
36 1800 246.6 82.2 65.1 49.2 27.3 22.3 18.9 16.4
48 2400 328.8 109.6 65.6 46.8 36.4 29.8 25.2 21.8

In addition to the discussion of viewing distances, it is important to know that at least seven rows of diodes are required to make one text character. For multiple lines of text, it requires an eighth line as a separator. This means that for each line of text there needs to be eight rows of pixels, and that those eight rows together measure the required character height.


Selecting photos is as important as any other element in your design. Choosing photos that are over busy will lose your message and may get lost when combined with supporting text. It is best to choose a photo that is simple, high in detail and has good color range and contrast.


  • Avoid white backgrounds as they tend to over power the audience because of the vivid brightness of your EMC digital sign.
  • Test various versions of your ad on your sign as a good proofing process
  • Increase the dwell time of the Ad if it requires longer read time. Typically, it needs to take less than 6 seconds to deliver your message properly.



Some useful things to remember about designing for digital outdoor is color and font selection. It is important that your ad not only be relevant, but also clear in communicating.

One of the most common mistakes is color use between background and foreground elements. Colors that are high in contrast tend to draw the eyes attention, while colors of similar shading and hue tend to blend together and get lost.

Another common mistake is font selection. Choose bold fonts, typically Sans Serif font styles that are strong and heavy, andcan viewed from greater distances. Serif fonts are useful in long bodies of text but less effective on short messages designed for impact.




Photo and Video content can be purchased online through Licensce and Royalty Free Stock Galleries. One of our favorites is istockphoto.com.